From the inception of the company, as promised in the name itself, we pledge to produce an ELEVATED experience unlike any other.

Extreme Ownership
Leaders in Technological Innovation
Experts in the Construction Industry
Vigilant Focus on Cost Savings
Accessible Communication
Tenacious Team Members
Exceptional Quality
Determined to Finish Strong

The Elevated Vision 



President & Founder, Norman E. Hays, feels blessed to embark on this venture with a clear vision of unparalleled service, supported by a passionate and skilled team, to execute that vision. Norman is a proven leader with passion, tenacity, and a high level of motivation which is a continual source of inspiration to his organization.  The single-minded Elevated Team executes customized services based on the Client’s historical pain points providing a level of service that has consistently exceeded expectations. 

Norman, guides our organization with over 25 years’ experience in various executive roles in the construction industry.  Some notable positions include Director & Vice President for multiple Fortune 500 Companies (Caremark, Baxter Healthcare, HealthSouth and Nash Finch), Project Consultant, Real Estate Developer, and General Contractor.  With a wide variety of project types, he brings his expertise on various project types including fitness centers, healthcare facilities, office spaces, industrial/manufacturing/distribution centers, retail, and hospitality projects.

With the benefit of once being on the Owner’s side of a Project Team, Norman appreciates what a Client faces throughout the construction process.  He has a laser-like focus on understanding each Client’s needs and determines customized and optimal solutions.  He is keenly aware that this will allow the Client to focus on overall business matters, while Elevated Construction burdens the daily grind of running the project. He promises to provide a team that performs with grit and is fully committed to delivering an outstanding experience and overall project.

Elevated is dedicated to creating “Raving Fan Customers”, motivating and providing dynamic opportunities for our employees, as well as giving back to the community. Our company’s mission is to provide a superior level of construction services to every Client and become an indispensable and integral part of every project’s success, no matter the scope. Elevated Construction is hyper-focused on perfecting our company’s approach to surpass that of a typical General Contractor by constant and never-ending improvements in every aspect of our business.

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